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Guest Post by Anne Duguid

Writing is now big business. It has the world-wide stage, a global market. Spin-off businesses like tutors, publicists and agents spring up and prosper.

The writer and writing have always been  commodities to be marketed. The difference now is that morebooks are published per day than used to be published annually.

It is the best of times but also the worst of times for writers--and especially for those of us who choose
to write fiction.

Difficulties of marketing fiction

In the main, fiction writers write to entertain, tell stories that encapsulate human experience. They have something to say--a message to share. This idea of theme pervades all successful writing.

But if you are writing to make money, you'll be very lucky to become one of the big hitters on Kindle, no
matter what the marketers and publicists tell you.

You are competing against millions of books, both new and from successful authors' backlists as well as those which are sourced from the public domain, or are written to order.

So how can you make money to fund your writing?

Think about it--money is being made in copy writing, ghost writing and to some extent blogging or contentwriting for websites.

Profit can be made from spin-offs--webinars, teaching writing courses, even writing lots for others.

But often the best money can be made at home through networking.

Talk to librarians, local schools, clubs, businesses. Discuss courses/ visits and talks on your area of expertise.

Offer to run a reading and writing hour in school or as an after-school activity, suggest a talk on self-
publishing to attract more people to the library, promote your services as a business writer, enhancing staff communication skills or providing new website content on a regular basis.

As a bonus, whatever the result, you'll be gaining new experiences, meeting new people  and finding even more ideas and customers for that new novel.

Anne Duguid is a freelance content editor with MuseItUp Publishing and she tries to pass on helpful writing,editing and publishing tips at Slow and Steady Writers.

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