Email Marketing - Newsletter Pages on Your Website, Good or Bad?

Below is a question from a student in the Build Your Author-Writer Online Platform e-class:

Should I have a Newsletter Page on my website that will have current and past issues of the newsletter?


The problem with having a page for access to your newsletters is there will be NO reason for a person to subscribe to your list. Why sign-up if a visitor can simply click on the page and get any issue she wants.

It is however a good idea to keep a PRIVATE page for links to your newsletters for your subscribers - in case someone asks for an archived issue.

You can also include the link in your newsletter as a convenient tool for your subscribers – being able to get archived information at any time.

If you use WordPress, you can use the PC Hide Pages plugin to hide pages. This means the page is accessible through a direct link, but the page won't be visible in the Navigation.

The newsletter is the place to better connect with your readers, to offer subscriber only offers, and so on. It should be special - it should be reserved for subscribers only.

Note: If you don't have a private website page for your newsletter archives, you should be saving them somewhere.


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