5 Content and Website Safety Tips (better safe than sorry)

I recently read an email by Mark Thompson. He had lost his internet service and was thrilled that he has safety nets in place for just such an occasion.

On a personal note, I remember when I was without electricity for 12 days after hurricane Sandy. And, I remember the times I lost files due to a computer crash, two zip drive crashes, and a faulty delete key on my laptop. So, I know the feeling and want/need to be safe.

5 Tips for the ‘Just in Case’ Scenario

1. Use a cloud service, like, to back up your files. You can either work directly from it or be sure to copy all your files to it. I’ve been using Dropbox for a couple of years now and love it. You can get 2 GB free.

2. Always backup your work. This includes:

  • Works-in-progress
  • Completed work
  • Client list
  • Affiliate products/links
  • Images you created/bought
  • Programs you’ve purchased
  • Groups you belong to

The list goes on and on and on and . . .

Anything you update or create new needs to be saved in an offsite or cloud service. You can use a zip drive, but I’ve had two crash already.

3. Make sure you have ALL your passwords saved in a ‘super safe’ place.

You might want to read “Six Great Password Managers” at PC Mag.

4. Tips from Mark: Contact your website hosting service and ask if they can restore your site in the event it crashes or is hacked.

5. Backup your websites. You can use a free WordPress plugin: BackWPupFree. For more information on this, visit:

That’s about it. Just be careful.

If you have any helpful tips to share or use any great services or products to protect your content and websites, please let us know in the comments!


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widdershins said...

Regarding lost posts ... After you publish a post on your blog, make a copy and save it to a document, file it away and forget about it. It'll be there if, no when, the inevitable happens.

Karen Cioffi said...

Widder, how timely this post is. I use Dropbox and Carbonite to backup my files. This morning I went into a File I have labeled, "Saved."

I keep all my non-business important stuff in there. It was gone. For some reason, once in a blue moon, Dropbox loses a file. And, it must have happened a couple of days ago because it was gone from Carbonite also.

While these services are great, it you work from Dropbox and lose a file or it loses it on you, Carbonite will back up your computer with that file missing.

I'll have to see how long back a Carbonite "restore" will go.


Karen Cioffi said...

Forgot to mention that for that file/document you save, you need to put it on a zip drive.

And, I've had 2 zip drives crash on me. Is there any absolute fail-safe processes?