LinkedIn Now Offers Blog Post Publishing to Its Members

Think you don't have enough venues to post your content to?

Well, if you haven't heard yet, LinkedIn added one more. The business oriented site allows ALL members to now publish their content.

It's been around for a while now, but many haven't heard about it.

According to a very interesting article at

Once you publish, your post will appear on your profile and be shared with your network -- people who you're connected to and members who just follow your posts. You'll also be able to follow others' content without being a LinkedIn connection.

Once you publish, LinkedIn offers a tracking feature that allows you to analyze your post's action: likes, views, and so on.

When I first learned of this new visibility venue, I wasn't thrilled - yet another place to 'have to' publish my content added to my already overloaded workload. But, after thinking about it, LinkedIn is a useful platform for attracting the audience you want and will most likely be a worthwhile marketing step.

So, when it's up and running for all members, I'll be taking advantage of it.

Read the full LinkedIn Blog Post Publishing by clicking the link.

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