Social Media Tools Galore to Add to Your Marketing Strategies

Being in business takes a lot of work . . . and time. Not to mention expenses.

Marketing you, your product, and your business is now a 24/7 endeavor. And, if you’re a small business or solopreneur, which includes the book marketer and freelance writer, you are most likely doing it all yourself.

You’re the product designer, the marketer, the sales person, the content marketer, the social media marketer . . . you wear many hats to keep your business moving forward.

Because of this, it’s important to use whatever technological tools you can to ease the burden.

I came across a great article at Social Media Examiner that gives you lots of links to  social media tools that will help you get more done in less time.

It’s worth the read. Check the article out here:

45 Social Media Tools and Tips to Improve Your Marketing

After you read it, please stop back here to let me know what you think of it!

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Jackie Wegr said...

the article on Social Media Market is is enlightening. Now, I do not understand the tech part, but I get the results. I've forwarded the link to my webpage administrator and I hope to have one or two of the tools in use on both my sites soon! Thank you.

Jackie Weger
eNovel Authors at Work

Karen Cioffi said...

Jackie, that's the great thing about these techno tools - as the user we don't need to know the mechanics of it - we just need to download it or plug it in. :)

Glad the article was helpful and thanks for stopping by!