Testing the Clarity of Your Marketing Message with Grandma

I recently read a great article,The Grandma Test and 4 Other Ways to Gauge Your Content,” over at The first thing that grabbed me was the title.

The author took a chance on this one - there are a lot of savvy marketers out there who are grandparents and who might have taken offense to the author's title. But, it's also 'grabbing' and made me click on the link.

And, that’s not the only reference to grandmas or elderly people who just can’t grasp a marketing trend or message.

A TV commercial, I think for a car insurance company, uses three elderly women. They’re in woman A’s house and she has a wall full of photos.

She mentions to the others that she saved so much time by ‘posting’ her photos to her ‘wall’ (this was her sense of what she was to do based on references about Facebook).

Then woman A mentiones she saved money and time with a car insurance company.

Woman B tells her she saved even more money in less time.

Woman A says, “I ‘unfriend you.”

Woman B shakes her head and says something like, “This isn’t how this is done. None of this is how it’s done.”

The ad is hysterical and drives a very important marketing lesson: does your audience ‘really’ get what you’re saying. Is your content clear and easy to understand, no matter who the viewer is?

Check out the PRDaily article mentioned above – it’s a worthwhile read.


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