Twitter is Getting on the Larger Visual Header Bandwagon as Part of Its Social Media Blending Strategy

It seems originality doesn't stand a chance when it comes to social media. If you notice, each social media network tries to keep up with the other. And, while Twitter holds its own with a limited character number, it's succumbing to other pressures.

According to an article at, Twitter will be rolling out a new design overhaul. The new version is kind of like Facebook and kind of like Twitter, and kind of like . . .

The author of the article, Corey Eridon, noted, "One of my jobs is to stay on top of social networks' various platform updates. And the trend I've been seeing is a progressive mashing together of features and layouts such that they all look more and more like each other."

Along with the new header design, Twitter is also now allowing images in tweets, just like Google+ and Facebook.

What the purpose of this 'blending' mentality is unclear.

It would seem the days of originality are gone. If all the networks are similar, which one should a business use to meet its inbound marketing needs? What's going to differentiate them? Where will the competitive edge be?

I'm one for uniqueness, for offering what others aren't, for standing out. How about you? What do you think about the major social media networks merging into one another?

To read the full article at HubSpot, go to:
Social Media - Twitter Tests Out New, More Visual Layout

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widdershins said...

It was going to happen sooner or later.
It's a standard business model. New product emerges, has huge growth spurt, matures, goes mainstream, becomes indistinguishable from it's competitors, leaves space outside the mainstream for something else to evolve and repeat the process.
I don't support this model, I think it sucks, but there it is.

Karen Cioffi said...

Widder, well put! It is the way of business isn't it. It is a shame though, I loved the 'short and sweet' of Twitter. Oh, well.