Become a Niche Powerhouse and Build a Successful Business (Find a Niche and Work It)

This is a three part series, but each article has stand-alone information to help you on your online marketing journey.

If you’re in the writing and marketing arena, or even if you have some other service or product you’re selling, you have tons and tons and tons of competition.

To set yourself apart and to become the source of search query results, you need to choose a very specific and narrow niche and ‘work’ that niche.

The first two components to becoming a powerhouse in your niche are ‘finding a profitable niche’ and ‘putting in the time and effort.’

Finding a Niche . . . finding a profitable niche

Finding a niche that can be profitable will take research.

The very first step is to determine what you excel in and enjoy. It may be:

  • A hobby
  • A craft
  • Music related – do you play an instrument?
  • Work related – do you have a profession?
  • About animals - do you have a pet?

Put on your thinking cap. Find something you’re interested in and are knowledgeable in.

Sit down and make a detailed list of everything you might be able to jump into.

Then fine tune your list to the most realistic, doable choices. Make it something specific – make your niche narrow.

As an example, suppose you’re interested in the health realm. This is a very broad niche. Maybe you think cancer or autoimmune diseases would be a good fit. Again, these are broad niches. You’ll need to narrow it down more by finding a topic (niche) within those categories, possibly breast cancer or multiple sclerosis.

Another example might be in the business area. Suppose you want to offer services in the business incentive arena. You might focus on travel incentives, customer incentives, or productivity incentives.

You get the idea. Think narrow. Think specific.

It’ll Take Time and Effort

It’s important to realize that you’ll actually need to put time and effort into building your business.

The rule of thumb is Malcolm Gladwell’s philosophy that you need 10,000 hours of studying and/or working on a particular subject to become an expert. This philosophy though has been challenged by David Epstein who believes, in regard to sports, that it’s in the genes.

But, putting that debate aside, with all the experts and information online, you don’t necessarily have to be an expert to start out. What you need to do is provide expert information on the subject and learn as you’re going along.

This can be done through quoting experts and referencing the content of experts. Just be careful not to commit plagiarism.

Along with this, you do need to expect to devote at least 10 to 20 hours a week to ‘becoming an expert in the niche,’ to build your business, and to promote what you’re offering.

This is all part of becoming a niche powerhouse and building a successful business.

I hope you found this information interesting and helpful. Too advanced, not enough, just right? I’d really love to know, so please leave a comment – good or bad.

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