Content Marketing and Graphics

Content marketing is about reaching your readers and turning those readers into customers or clients.

But, content marketing isn't just about text; it involves audio, video, and GRAPHICS.

Why is graphics an important element?

Graphics can grab a visitor. It can enhance the content. It can engage the reader. Graphics can tell a story.

Have you heard the expression, "A picture is worth a thousand words?"

I think you get the point.

But, it's not just about the images you use on your blog posts and social media. Graphics includes website headers, Social Media banners, book covers, box images, and so on.

Each of those elements adds another dimension to you and your business.

Having a uniform color design for all your sites and products is another factor. It will make you look professional.

As you can see there is much involved. And, graphics is something most of us don't have the know-how to do.

A Great Designer

I have a Fiverr graphics lady who is just amazing and FAST!

Her Fiverr name is BDBOSS and you can find her at:

BD has done book covers, box covers, website headers, and a Google banner for me. They all came out exactly how I wanted them, in fact much, much better than I requested.

And, I don't get a commission for sharing her with you. She's just amazing and if you need a designer for $5 per job, then I highly recommend her.

Want to see her work? 

Check out my Google profile header at:

Check out my Twitter header at:

Check out my website header at:

Here's a box image she made for me:

What About You?

Who do you use for your graphics? Share with us in comments.



While you will need a graphic designer for some of your content marketing projects, for your blog post images you shouldn't. In fact, I'll go a step further and say 'you absolutely don't. And, you don't need to pay $2 per image on image services sites, like BigStock. All you need is Logo Creator (Laughingbird) Software.

I design all my own images with Logo Creator. The image at the very top of this post is mine. And, if I wanted to I could sell them on one of the image services sites or set up shop at Fiverr.

Just check it out for yourself: Logo Creator

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