Social Media Networking – Twitter Is At It Again

Well, Twitter is at it again. Morphing more and more into a homogenized version of a social networking site.

According to Twitter, the social media site is getting more social by allowing members to post up to four photos per tweet. And, you can tag up to 10 people per photo.

This is a twofold update.

The first so-called social improvement is the ability to post up to four images per tweet. The second is being able to tag as many as 10 people per image. And, this doesn’t add to your 140 character limit.

Sound similar to Facebook?

It is.

But, do we really need more socializing, more tagging? Does it have anything to do with social media marketing?

Fortunately, you can opt-out of being tagged in a photo and here’s how to do it:

1. Go to your Twitter account.
2. Go to Settings.
3. Go to Security and Privacy on the left dashboard.
4. Scroll down to Privacy: Photo Tagging.
5. Choose “Do not allow anyone to tag me in photos.”

See the images below:

Decide for yourself whether you want to have Twitter members able to tag you in photos or whether you prefer to opt out.

Keep in mind that Twitter has you automatically set to allow being tagged in photos, so if you want out, like me, just use the step-by-step information above.

To find out how to remove yourself from a photo you’re tagged in along with other posting photos information, go to: Twitter’s Help Center: Posting Photos on Twitter

Twitter Launches Photo Tagging



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widdershins said...

It's about time for the next 'greatest social media tool evah' to burst onto the scene!

Karen Cioffi said...

Widder, I'm with you. It's getting to be ridiculous with how much is involved in keeping your content marketing moving forward. And in addition having to worry about opting out or blocking privacy invasion issues. I really wonder when or if it will stop.

Thanks for stopping by!