Who is Who in the Social Media Platforms - Twitter Has a New Member Profile Feature

Twitter is still moving forward with its cloning strategy and now has a “new and improved web profile” in the works for you. While it's still 'cloning,' this strategy in my opinion is a good idea. I think we all appreciate the ability to do more with our social media headers.

Like Facebook and GooglePlus, the new Twitter profile offers a bigger profile header area that you can customize.

The Twitter blog explains that along with a larger profile area, the company is implementing best tweets, pinned tweets, and filtered tweets.

Best tweets makes tweets that are more popular appear a bit larger than the others. This lets readers find them quickly.

Pinned tweets lets you to ‘pin’ one of your tweets to the top of your page. You might choose a tweet that reflects exactly what you and your product or service is all about. This allows for easier branding.

Filtered tweets is a feature that lets you “choose which timeline to view when checking out other profiles.” The options are basic tweets (text), tweets with video or images, and tweets with replies.

Like the LinkedIn publishing option, not everyone is getting the new Twitter profile feature at once. It will be trickling down to all over time.

Want to see an example?

Check out:



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