Twitter Tools That Will Help You Boost Your Retweets

Today, content marketing and social media marketing go hand-in-hand. They are the perfect fit for the famous line in the old song "Love and Marriage:" You can't have one without the other.

The social element of networks like Twitter, Facebook, and GooglePlus, allow the writer/marketer to bring his content to the public, to his or his company's audience.

And, without content, there would be NO social networks, even if the content is simply friendly ramblings, it's still content.

To further this 'marriage,' there are tools that help spread your blog posts and other content and there's a great article at Social Media Examiner that gives five tools for Twitter that encourage retweets.

Four of the tools are WordPress plugins; the fifth one is the website Click to Tweet.

To read the entire article and learn what the other four tools are and how they can help your content marketing on Twitter, go to: 5 Twitter Tools to Increase Retweets.


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