How Do You End Your Emails?

If you’re like me, you don’t quite have the 'end' or sign-off to your emails down pat.

Do you use “Regards?” Do you use “Sincerely?”  Do you use “Cheers?” Do you use whatever pops into your head?

I’ve tried a few different endings or ‘sign-offs’ to my emails, even “till next time.” But, none really seemed to feel comfortable or natural.

And, there is also the factor of who you are emailing. Is it a friend, an acquaintance, a business associate, a client – who you’re emailing matters also. Another relevant aspect is the nature of the email - Is it formal, informal, promotional, informational, or other?

It’s easy to see there are a few things to think about when signing-off.

I did narrow it down to “Regards” when emailing or replying to someone I don’t know. But, getting a handle on all the other types of emails was important . . . at least to me.

There were many emails that I didn’t include a sign-off. I just ended it with my name. So, it was definitely on my mind and I began to take notice of how others signed-off.

Then I happened upon a helpful article about email endings at and it gave me lots of ideas.

While I still don’t have a ‘set’ sign-off, I do limit mine to the following, depending on the situation:

  • Have a great day
  • Have a great weekend
  • Have a good one
  • Hope this helps
  • Thanks
  • Thanks a bunch

Check out the PRDaily email sign-off article for yourself!


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Angela Drake said...

I hadn't thought too much about this but now I am. LOL Your posts always make me go Hmmm and that's a good thing.

With my music business, all of my emails are signed
Country Blessings

My art emails
Creative Blessings

An author friend of mine signs all of hers - regardless of the recipient, 'writerly blessings'

Maybe it's about focus?

Karen Cioffi said...

Angela, thanks so much. That's one of the best compliments a blogger can get! It's always good to get people thinking. :)

It's true that if you have a specific focus and audience, you can be specific with your endings. I do tend to keep mine on the generic side, but as I'm all about writing and marketing I could make my endings in line with that. Food for thought!