Yet Another Content Marketing Visibility Snafu – Google Changes its Search Results Appearance (no more Authorship photos and more)

In content marketing it really is ‘never ending.’ That goes for social media marketing also. The powers that be, in this case Google+ and Facebook, seem to want to make things more difficult for content marketers.

Okay, the Facebook (FB) change is about money. In the beginning of the year, FB changed their algorithm reducing your page updates visibility. According to Search Engine Watch, “Unfortunately this means that page owners are going to see a decrease in the distribution of their own text status updates they share.”

If you want to pay for additional FB page update visibility you can.

You can read more about the FB change at: Facebook Reduces Visibility of Page Updates

The New Change to Content Marketing and Social Media is Google’s Tweak

In the newest obstacle, Google will be removing the author’s ‘Google Authorship’ photo from their search results, along with her Circle count.

If you’re like me and spent time creating the best Google Authorship profile you could, knowing it would bring more visibility and please the search engine giant, you’ll be disappointed to say the least.

Part of that profile optimization was to include an image to help brand you and your business. Every time Google picked up your post link as a search results, your Google Authorship image appeared with it. It made your link instantly recognizable to those who are familiar with you. The searcher didn’t have to read the ‘fine print’ to see who the author was.

An example:

If you notice the Google search results above, from March 12, 2014, the ProBlogger LINK (at the bottom of the image) has the author’s image and next to that the number of circles he’s in. This gave the searcher immediate information about the author. This information might have been a determining factor whether the searcher clicked on that link or not.

Now, that will be gone.

As of today, June 26, 2014, the day I’m writing this post, the change hasn’t taken effect, but it’s coming. In a Google+ post by John Mueller, a Webmaster Trends Analyst, he said the change is to “clean up the visual design of our search results.” He didn’t mention when the change would come about though.

Is This a Smart Move on Google’s Part?

Eye-tracking studies found that annotations actually pulled the reader further down the 1st SERP (search results page) than results with no annotations did. So, images are a good thing – more results are seen and have a chance to be clicked on.

Once the Google change is live, we’ll see how it all pans out. I for one am annoyed at the work involved in creating my Authorship profile, adhering to Google’s instructions on how important the image would be.

There's Hope on the Horizon

Although your image and circle count won't be visible in search results, you can still rank with Google by writing fresh quality content that is helpful to your readers, and updating it regularly.

What are your thoughts on Google’s change to search results? PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT!

Google Removes Authorship Photos Google+ Circle Counts from Search Results



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