Content Marketing and Your Website - 2 Tips to Powerful Product Pages

Most people think of content marketing as blogging and article writing.

While this is a large part of the strategy, there is lots more involved. Another essential content marketing element is the copy on your website, especially your product page.

Why is your website copy super important?

Simple: Words are powerful. Words can sell.

Tip #1 Your Product Description

A well thought-out and written description can sell your product.

Whether you’re marketing a book or other product, or you're marketing a service, you MUST write a powerful description.

The elements of that powerful copy are clarity and specifics.

Not everyone landing on your product page will know what the product or service is about. Give details. If your product is a book, let the visitor know exactly what it’s about.

This is where your well thought-out process will come in handy. Read your book carefully and pinpoint the main issues it addresses.

Here’s an example of the description for a nonfiction ebook:

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Become visible by writing your content the right way!

Let the visitor know why she needs your product - try to make it personal.

The product description I used in this example lets the reader know that it’s meant for people wanting to increase visibility and website traffic with article marketing. And, it mentions the work involved in article marketing. No one wants to work for nothing - visibility and website traffic is the payoff.

There’s no guessing game. The description lets the reader know what to expect. 

It’s the same process for fiction books also.

Tip #2 Take ‘Buyer’ Anxiety Away

Anxiety can be rational or irrational. And, believe it or not, people visiting your product page can become anxious.

Why does this happen?

Well, consciously or subconsciously, there’s a lot going on when a visitor is deciding to buy a product or service.

  • Is the product worth the cost?
  • Is it a quality product?
  • Will it really be helpful?
  • Is it a good price?
  • What if I don’t like it? Can I get my money back?
  • How do I know this ‘guy’ knows what he’s talking about?
  • How quickly will I get the product?
  • Is my information safe?
  • And, so on.

Your job is to squash as many 'anxiety causing concerns' as you can. The way to do this is with effective content.

On your product page you should include:

  • A money-back guarantee - let them know they’ll get their money back if it doesn’t meet their expectations
  • Testimonials – people will buy based on other people’s testimonials, it adds reliability
  • Third-party seals – to ensure security
  • Pricing information – maybe include “low-price guarantee” or other wording

According to Marketing Experiments, “Anxiety is lethal to conversion. Don’t just correct anxiety, correct specific concerns.”

Take a look at your product page/s today and see where you can take your description ‘up a notch’ and where you can add anti-anxiety elements. It will definitely help motivate visitors to click on your links.


Conversion – the process of a visitor moving from reading your content to clicking on your link.

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