Content Marketing – Creative and Unique Ads by Jeep

By Karen Cioffi

You have to admit that as the years come and go it becomes more difficult to create something new, something unique. And, as content marketers, that's what we have to try to do. Whether it's our own unique spin on a topic or we discover a new, easier way to get results. We strive to keep the content flowing - to make it easily readable, shareable, interesting (unique), and conversion effective.

Well, Leo Burnett designed a very unique ad for Jeep. It's creative and it’s 'make you look' marketing.

I think there are a total of three animal illustrations that when flipped upside down, they become different animals. It's really cool.

Even if you’re not aware of the flipping illusion, it makes you wonder why ‘animals’ for a car. It seems it’s to bring an element of adventure and travel to the Jeep brand.

Although I’m not in the market for a Jeep or other car, it did catch my attention.

This though isn’t the only animal theme Jeep ad campaign. Check out this really cute, one minute video:

To see the animal images for yourself, CLICK HERE: Content marketing with images.

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