New Twitter Analytics Help Fine Tune Your Content Marketing Efforts

By Karen Cioffi

It’s crazy. Every time you turn around yet another social media site is adding some other marketing tool. While they’re great tools, will it ever be enough?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very useful tool. It’ll be on a new enhanced dashboard where you can track your organic tweet activity.

An organic tweet is one that originates from your blog that is targeted to a specific audience, industry, or niche.

According to the Twitter blog, “Starting today [July 11], you’ll have a new tool in your arsenal: we’re rolling out an enhanced Tweet activity dashboard to provide measurable insights into how your organic Tweets perform.”

While it’s more marketing time and effort put into social media, it will definitely have its benefits.

For advertisers, and yes, this new tool is for paid advertisers, this means you’ll have a handy tool to see how each of your tweets are doing and “in real time.”

You’ll get details on:

  • When (the time) a tweet is being viewed
  • How many link clicks, favorites, replies, and retweets your post gets

So, why is the information useful to you?

Knowing which posts you write create retweets, favorites, and clicks is knowledge. And, you know what they say about knowledge – IT’S POWER.

With this information you can write content that you know will be liked and shared. It will streamline your Twitter content marketing efforts. You’ll be able to laser-focus your content toward those followers or Twitter accounts that are moving you forward. It’s these Tweeters who will help “amplify your brand’s message even further through actions like a Retweet, mention or reply.”

This new tool will give you the information on the best times you should be tweeting for your particular audience and how often you should tweet. You’ll also be able to get a handle on which CTAs (call-to-actions) are working, which post length works best, and so on.

If you’re using Twitter to drive traffic this is a cool and powerful tool.

Testing Twitter strategies

I’ve recently started testing Twitter strategies for my blog posts. I started tweeting more each day and I started creating my own memes. Both strategies are working. I get multiple favorites each day and some from heavy-hitters.

Note: To work the Twitter organic traffic and shares you absolutely must have quality content that is: useable to the reader; engaging, reader friendly, search engine friendly, and easily shareable.

Here’s an example of the type of information you’ll get:

A screen-capture of my analytics for July 20, 2014:

One of the highest rankings for the past 28 days went to my article: "Marketing Your Way to Success with Simple Changes to Your Routine."

Impressions are 156
Engagement is 8
Engagement rate is 5.1%

Other information the analytics provided were:

Your Tweets
"So far today, your Tweets have earned 145 impressions. This is lower than your 28-day average of 953 impressions per day."

"Favorites up 192.3% compared to the previous 28 days."

Very interesting and useful information.

I’m actually kind of glad they don’t have this feature for the non-Twitter advertisers – it’s enough work trying to keep up with Alexa Ratings, without going crazy over Twitter impressions and engagement too.

Check out the whole Twitter blog post at:
Introducing Organic Tweet Analytics

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