Websites for Writers - Best of 2014

Writers become writers by learning their craft and by writing. And, in today's 'everything at your fingertips' internet age, it's easier than ever to develop your skills through websites that offer writing tips, websites that offer online writing courses, and so on.

In my blogging research, I came across a great post at The Write Life. It has 100 helpful writing sites on different genres, including freelance writing, mystery writing, fiction writing, blogging, ans so on - It covers a wide spectrum. Some of the biggies listed are:

Boost Blog Traffic (Jon Morrow)
Seth Godin
Men with Pens
Grammar Girl
Inky Girl

Freelancers Union

Guide to Literary Agents
Rachelle Gardner
Make a Living Writing

But, the post doesn't stop at the biggies, it covers some of the less well known sites too:

Moody Writing
The Writer and the Wander

And, I'll add Writers on the Move  as another great site with lots of writing information!

This is worth checking out. To read the full post, go to:

100 Best Websites for Writers 2014



Writing with Focus
Borrowing From Superheroes
How do You Make a Good Story Worthy of Getting Past the Gatekeepers

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links!

Karen Cioffi said...

Glad you found it helpful!