Content Marketing - Keep the Details Focused (don’t offer too much information)

I read such a helpful article by Will Newman at AWAI. It’s about offering too much information and the unwanted results it can cause.

Now, if you’re a marketer there are two camps on the length of copy you should write. One camp says shorter is better because people are in too much of a hurry. They want the gist of what you’re offering along with the benefit and cost.

The other camp says people want to be informed. They want details, especially when they’re faced with the decision of buying something. For this dilemma I suggest you test it out on your own audience and see which works better for you.

But, this isn’t what the title of this article is talking about.

In regard to offering too much information I’m talking about the specific details in your copy.

The AWAI article gave great examples of the dangers of trying to convey ALL the benefits of a particular product or service. Pro copywriters agree that this isn't a good idea. It’s the Rule of One that works best.

The Rule of One

The Rule of One was developed by writer, publisher, and entrepreneur Mark Morgan Ford after much research into what type of promotions worked. Ford believes this ‘Rule of One’ is the driving force behind great copy.

Putting it simply, Newman says “the Rule of One means you use just one main idea to build your promotion around.”

One main idea and one main benefit in easy to read and engaging copy.

Within that Rule of One copy, there should be:

One powerful idea
One primary emotion
One must-have benefit
One converting CTA (call-to-action)

This strategy makes it easy for the prospect to understand what’s being offering. This is always a good thing, because too much information usually becomes conflicting or confusing and can cause reader anxiety and/or confusion. This prompts the reader to mosey-on-along without saying YES to your offer.

An Example

Suppose I write an article on the power of using animation in your copy or on your landing page. I have around 800 words demonstrating just how effective and converting animation is.

The article is focused and has most of what is needed: one powerful idea, one primary emotion, and one must-have benefit.

I show how the reader isn't fulfilling his marketing potential without including animation on his landing pages. And, I show just how important it is to take his marketing up a notch. I hit on his desire to improve his business. So, I lay it all out. Basically, if the prospect uses animation his business will convert like crazy.

Then in my closing, I promote several different services (CTAs) leading to different landing pages. I just dropped the ball - my focus is now diminished.

And, not only did I drop the ball, I lost the prospect. The reader will wonder what I’m really offering and what the point of the article was.

It takes focus on all fronts to keep the reader on board and to motivate conversion.

To read the entire post at AWAI, along with the great examples Newman offers, visit:
Too Much Information!


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