Social Media Marketing - Should You Use Twitter Auto-Direct Messaging?

Have you ‘followed’ someone on Twitter and then received a Direct Message (DM) from that person?

I don’t get them from everyone I follow, but I do from some. And, it’s annoying.


These new connection messages are usually autoDMs. The autoDMs are messages that are setup to be sent automatically under certain criteria - usually when a new connection is made.

It may be:

A welcome message
A ‘follow me’ on Facebook (or other social network)
A ‘get this free’ offer

There are others also, but these are the usual ones and they are SPAM.

In my marketing research a while ago, I found it’s not the savvy thing to do and wonder why these people still use them anyway.

The auto DM will usually ask you to connect with the person on other social networks, or check out his/her book. But, I received one today that asked if I’d check out his website and let him know what I think. If this message gets people to click on the link, it will increase his website traffic.

So, as I do with the others, I deleted it. But, before I deleted, since it had to do with websites and I’m into website optimization, I did click on the link and found a few things that could be tweaked on the site, but that’s another post. This guy’s autoDM did get one more visitor to his site.

Two services that offer Twitter AutoDMs are Twitter DMer and Social Oomph. But, I recommend NOT setting up for autoDMs.

Mass Auto DMs

There are also ‘mass’ autoDMs. This tool is for sending mass messages about your new product or service. Or, maybe an event you’re hosting or a special offer. I’ve gotten some of these also. And, again, they’re annoying.

Unless you’ve already started a conversation with me and I at least know you somewhat, these DMs are spam.

Two services that offer this type of service are Twitter Mass DM Sender and Tweet Manager. Again, I recommend NOT using them – that’s why the links aren’t included.

Okay, I digressed a bit.

The point of this post is to answer the question of whether you should use Twitter AutoDMs and the answer is NO.

Everyone is busy. It’s important to respect the time of the people you’re connecting with.

And, there are many people who ‘unfollow’ those who send them autoDMs.

The ‘Real Deal’ DM

The opposite of AutoDMs are the unique and personal DMs. These direct messages are a great tool that you use directly through your Twitter account. Use the DM when appropriate - save it for a one-on-one question or conversation.

Avoid any type of messaging that involves spam.


If you want to find out how to stop AutoDMs, check out: “How to Stop Those Annoying AutoDMs.” It covers ways to opt-out of autoDMs.




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