Social Media Marketing - Twitter is ‘Out of the Gate’ and on the Heels of Facebook

Twitter is getting ambitious. In fact, it’s recent changes show just how ambitious . . . and just how much they want to be like Facebook.

A couple of recent changes include:

The Twitter Header – you can now upload your own unique header on your account. I like this feature because if you take advantage of it (and use it right) your readers and visitors will quickly know what you’re about.

Twitter Favorite and Highlighted Tweets – you can now ‘favorite’ tweets you think are exceptional and you can highlight (make larger and/or post to the top of your page) your own tweets or those of others. This allows your readers to quickly see what you’re proudest of, your important information, and posts of others you want to highlight. This is another feature I like. It allows you to ‘highlight’ your good stuff and that of others.

Twitter and Images – Yep, you can upload tweets with images. I personally don’t like this feature because it reminds me too much of Facebook and Google+ and it detracts from the quick-scanning for information I want. While images are like ‘eye candy’ and people like them, if your interest is to quickly find information it is a distraction.

Why the move to catch up with Facebook

According to an article at Forbes, “Twitter Reveals Its Master Plan For Growing As Big As Facebook,” the social network is feeling investor pressure. The investors want a “growth curve” like that of FB. Whether this investor expectation is reasonable or unreasonable, the powers-that-be at Twitter feel the pressure to achieve what’s expected.

The problem?

The problem is basically Twitter's “acquisition of monthly active users has been slowing down, meaning it could be decades, not years, before it accrues the 1.3 billion Facebook has now.” Thus, the pressure.

What we have to look forward to

As it stands ‘right now,’ all your tweets are actually viewable on your profile (Me) page by those who follow you. In fact, I’m not sure if they’re visibility to anyone who visits your Me page. This is a great thing – your tweeting efforts produce the visibility you want and need.

But, in order to grab on to FB’s heels, Twitter is willing to mimic FB in anyway it can. One of those ways may be in your tweets’ visibility. FB uses an algorithm to determine which posts will get visibility and which won’t. If you get lots of likes and sharing, your posts will be more likely to be promoted. If you don’t, well, too bad.

With this algorithm, your efforts won’t necessarily produce the visibility you want or need. Twitter is willing to take this route if it thinks it will help them to catch up to FB.

To read more about Twitter’s plans, visit:

Twitter Reveals Its Master Plan For Growing As Big As Facebook



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widdershins said...

So, it'll end up as a Facebook clone, leaving room for the next big thing where we'll be able to use symbols instead of words and complex sentences! Oh, wait ...

Karen Cioffi said...

LOL Widder, you're so right. These social networks will all be cloned and no double down the road there will be something new that reduces the need even more to actually 'write.' UGH.