Blogging and Conversion – How to Get More Juice out of Your Efforts

I’m always reading marketing blogs and one of my favorites is

In a recent post on ‘squeezing more conversions out of our blog,’ the author offered some interesting tips on doing this – four tips actually.

4 Blog Conversion Tips

1. Get a “subscriber banner” up on your website.

I really like this idea because it’s immediately visible, front and center when someone lands on your site. The problem for many though, including me, is the technical side of doing this.

While it’s no problem getting a dimensions specific header for your website, it’s another story getting a working opt-in form in it. I actually left a message asking if the author would follow-up with a post on how to do this.

2. CTAs at the bottom of each post.

I’ve been doing this for a few months now. I removed most of them because I switched from iContact email service to Get Response. I’m in the process of putting the new opt-ins in place. It’s a time consuming job, so I add them as I visit my older posts.Check the bottom of this post to see it in action.

Thinking about it, I should do a couple or few a day – starting with the most recent and working my way back. I have around 1000 posts so this will take a while.

But, getting back to the CTA, this is an excellent idea. The reason is that after reading one of your out-of-the-ball-park posts, the reader will be willing and able to quickly input her email address in the box right at the bottom of the post.

NO go to the sidebar. NO go to an opt-in landing page. It’ll be right there – simple and quick.

3. Show ‘social proof’ tweets.

Social proof is an important marketing factor. People are motivated by what others like. Adding a Tweet by someone else provides social proof that you’re worth reading.

Here’s an example of how this works (and it works perfect for this post):

Sorry it's blurry, that's what happened when I made it larger.

Including an image of a favorable tweet lets the visitor to my blog quickly know that others find my content valuable.

I can use one or another in a post relevant to social proof, or in some other blog topic that it’s appropriate to.

The same will work by displaying images of Tweets you post that get ‘Favorited’ and ‘Retweeted’ by others. Again, this is social proof that your content is worth reading.

4. Slide-in call-to-action.

This type of CTA is similar to the ‘pop up’ CTA. But, rather than popping up, it slides in. I’ll be honest, I don’t like pop-ups. In fact, I find them annoying and distracting.

But, HubSpot says, “Slide-in CTAs are designed to smoothly transition into view from the right side of the screen. Through our experiences, we’ve found that they are less intrusive than pop-ups, they don’t block your content, and they actually convert.”

Since it’s not as intrusive, and since even pop-ups do convert (although many find them annoying), it’s certainly worth testing it out.

There you have it, four fresh ways to give your blog post conversions a boost. Try at least one today and let me know how you make out.

To read the HubSpot article,4 Fresh Ways to Squeeze More Conversions Out of Your Blog,” click the link.


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