Book Marketing - Tips and Tidbits on Bookstores

The New Yorker (online) has a fascinating article titled, "The Bookstore Brain." It's by Sam Sacks who writes the Fiction Chronicle for the Wall Street Journal and is an editor at Open Letters Monthly.

I came upon this article while doing research for another article on by-pass marketing for selling books and became engrossed. It's an inside look at book stores and how they determine which books will make the shelves.

The following quote took me by surprise:

"Even if a shopper doesn’t ask a clerk for suggestions, the very selection on the shelves conspires to tell him what he ought to be reading."

Think about this the next time you're in a bookstore.

Bookstores for the Author and Marketer

But, there's a more practical aspect to this information. As an author and marketer it's important to know what avenues you have available to sell books, or at least to get some visible. What avenues have lots of traffic.

Two bookstores in Manhattan fit this bill.The Strand bookstore and Housing Works bookstore.

According to the article, the Strand buys books: "it wants to buy them cheap and sell them slightly less cheap."

And, Housing Works accepts book donations.

While you won't get rich from these bookstores, you will get visibility. It's an easy way to get your book into a bookstore. Check out ones in your area to see if you can get your book in one or two.

It takes all different strategies to get visibility and build your authority. This is just one more strategy.


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Unknown said...

Interesting article. Thanks for sharing. I do go to one special second hand book store in our area. I've picked up some gems there. I didn't know there were stores in this category. I'll have to check it out.