Content Marketing - 10 Simple Steps and 5 Powerful Benefits to Content Curation

Content curation is the process of using the content of bloggers with authority on your own site. BUT, you don’t simply reprint it with their byline (which not all bloggers allow anyway), you write your own lead-in to the curated content and then link to the source.

The 10 step process is easy.

1. You read an interesting and/or helpful article on another blog (preferably a blog with authority, but if you find great content on a lesser-known site, share it too).

2. You create your own lead-in to the article. In other words, you write your take or viewpoint on the topic. Or, you may add something new to the topic.

3. At the end of your lead-in, you add a simple line like: To read the article at XZY, just click the link. (For the link, use anchor text, linking the title of the curated content to the actual post.)

4. Create an optimized title, including keywords.

5. Upload your new post onto your blog.

6. Add an appealing image or two – just be sure you are not infringing on the creator’s property. I prefer creating my own images to avoid copyright problems.

7. Add some type of call-to-action (CTA). It may be an opt-in to your subscriber list. It may be to get a free ebook or video. Whatever you’re promoting.

8. Proof your post.

9. Publish the post.

10. Share it to your social networks. I’ve found Twitter, GooglePlus, LinkedIn, and StumbleUpon to be very useful networks – they bring traffic.

It’s that simple.

And, it’s much quicker than creating your own content.

Power Tip for saving time: As I read blog posts on content I find relevant and useful, I put it on my Curation List. The list has the title and URL of all articles I find that I know will be beneficial to my readers. When I need curated content, I go to my list and BAM, I have a selection to choose from.

Now, on to 5 powerful benefits to using content curation.

#1 Curating content allows you to share relevant and sometimes timely information with your readers and subscribers. The content comes from other sources, such as high-ranking sites or other sites that offer truly useful information.

#2 It’s sometimes hard to keep up with and blog about all the important information out there that will be relevant and helpful to your readers. Because of this sharing from other sources, it allows you to post as much great information as you can find.

#3 This content marketing process helps make you the GO TO person in your niche. You’ll be the one who has ‘up to date’ information through reliable and valuable sources. Readers will appreciate this and take note that you know where to find the tools that will help them, thus making you the GO TO person.

#4 Curation can be a time saver. If you think about writing a post from scratch, there is research involved and then the writing process. With curation, you happen upon some great information in your reading, write a brief lead-in to the content, then link to the source article.

Note: See the Power Tip above to understand how curation can be a blogging time saver.

#5 Build quality backlinks through this process. As you link to the source article, using the title as anchor text, it very easily can create a backlink from the source site to your site. This helps boost your ranking.

If you’d like to learn more about backlinks here are two articles:

The Importance of Backlinks

Link Building 101 – How to Conduct a Backlink Analysis

I do want to emphasis that I use curation as a part of my blogging strategy. I also write my own articles and use reprints (where allowed and always noted as a guest blogger) from various sources to create a broader reading and learning experience for my readers.

Unless you’re a curated site, you’ll want to mix it up too.

Give it a try.

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