Recent Hacking - This Time 5 Million Gmail Addresses and Passwords Compromised

Last week hackers got into Gmail addresses and passwords. This is just another in frequent hacking occurrences.

It's getting pretty scary out there in cyberspace lately.

Luckily for those affected by this hack, Google took care of it - no fuss, no mess.

The hack was, if I understand correctly, a result of a hack of The Gmail addresses and passwords from WordPress made Gmail accounts vulnerable.

But, as I mention, Google jumped right in. They analyzed the WordPress accounts compromised to their subscribers' email accounts and "reset over 100,000 accounts for which the password given in the list matched the password."

The users involved were notified by Google with instructions on how to get back into their accounts.


Whether it's your email accounts, your social media accounts, your websites, or other, it's essential to use unique passwords for each of your accounts. And, you should change them periodically. Don't wait until your account is hacked.

To read the full article on this recent hack and what to do if you were involved, visit:
WordPress, Google, and Leaked Passwords


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