Social Media Marketing - Oh that Facebook (your visibility is diminishing even more)

For a while now I’ve found it a bit pointless to focus on Facebook as part of my social media marketing efforts. It’s been a while since the reigning king of the social media world reduced the visibility results of your postings. Now, they have a new algorithm reducing your posts’ visibility to around 2% of your fanbase, more likely less.

I don’t get it.

Okay, well maybe I do. They want you to pay to get more visibility. And, we all know that visibility leads to website traffic, so to some this may be tempting.

But, there is another way around this, sort of. It’s a bit more work on your part and your fan’s part, but it will help out somewhat.

It has to do with using the Notifications option Facebook offers. When ‘Liking’ a page, click the Notifications button – it will turn the feature on. Or, if you’ve already Liked a page, do the same on that page.

Also, you can ‘sort of’ fine-tune your Interests, Groups, and so on. Just scroll down the Dashboard on the left sidebar and see how you can tweak your experience . . . and efforts.

Now, to get your Followers to see more of what you’re posting, they’ll need to do the same. So, you might want to do a blog post about it and let them know.

For even more information on fine-tuning your FB experience, check out this video from Author Marketing Experts:


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