4 Power-Packed Tips on Streamlining Your Product Creation Process

Everywhere you look, there’s a product or service being offered, especially online. The internet has made selling and the ability to earn money available to all.

If you’re not creating your own products to sell, you should be.

I get it though. You might think creating one product a bit daunting. And, to create multiple products may seem completely overwhelming.

Well, think again. Don’t let negativity or unrealistic thoughts keep you from jumping in and creating your own offerings.

Having created a number of my own information products, I know some of the tricks to keep the process simple.

Here are 4 power-packed tips on streamlining your product creation process.

1. Use content you’ve already written.

Been blogging for a while? Turn a specific topic into an ebook. Say you wrote 15 to 20 articles on cooking with wine. Format those articles into an ebook. DONE. You now have a product.

2. Repurpose your products.

Repurpose products you already created into other products. For example, if you wrote an ebook, turn it into a webinar, podcast, video, or a workshop.

Model what you’ve already done that’s been successful. If you already wrote a book, use the same template to write one on another topic. BAM. You’ve got another product.

Have you presented an audience-filled webinar, do it again with other information your prospects will want. Or, turn that webinar into a workshop.

You get the idea.

3. Keep your product package design uniform.

If you’re creating more than one product, and you should be, you want each product to quickly be identifiable with your brand.

Suppose you’ve written 5 ebooks and each has a different color and design. Guess what? They will not be quickly identifiable to one person or company.

But, it you have a specific color scheme and design for each of your products, you have a quickly identifiable brand.

This translates to your website also. Keep the color scheme the same for all your online and offline marketing.

This streamlines your process by removing the time and effort it takes to come up with new product packaging for each product.

Remember, model what you have that's working.

4. Have a ‘To Do’ list and stick to it.

Have a weekly ‘to do’ list. This will help you stay on course. What you don’t’ finish one day, add to your next day’s ‘to do.’

The ‘to do’ list streamlines your process by eliminating the time and effort needed to decide what needs to be done. No excuses, no thought process. It’s there right in front of you.

5. Create quality products (a bonus tip).

While this post is about streamlining your product creation process, you don’t want to skimp on quality. You don’t want to shortchange the buyer in any way. So, make sure everything you create has real benefit that delivers on what it promises in the title and description. Keep your buyer satisfied and she’ll be back for more.

There you have it, 5 power-packed tips to streamline your product creation process.

Get started today!


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