Did You Write a Book? Sell It Through Your Blog

How to Sell Books Through Blogs

Guest Post by Kim Staflund

In today's digital environment, selling books through blogs is viable and preferable for many authors. Here's more information on how to sell your published books through blogs.

• Interest: You need an audience that has an interest in your book. A series of blogs can help to not just develop, but engage that audience. Let them know what you have to offer, even if you don't provide it until they buy the book.

• Engagement: You need a social media platform for engaging that audience, and it's tough to do that on your own. It's great to have your family and friends interested in your message, but promoting your blogs via social media can help you reach more people.

• Quality Content: Blogs provide a venue for actual content. Many readers won't be convinced of their need to purchase your book from short promotional Facebook posts and Tweets. They need to see more quality content, and a blog allows you to provide it. Answer a question or solve a problem and you have hooked a reader.

• Understanding: With blogs, you'll feel more understood, because people are reading and grasping your book's message. If the reason you're writing is to help others, you'll at least partially achieve your objective through blogging.

• Humanizing: Blogging allows your readers to connect with you as a human being, and that means they will internalize your writing and return to you for answers to life's questions. Whether that means positive or negative messages, fiction or non-fiction stories, or theoretical messages or practical how-tos is up to you, but regardless, blogging helps your audience see you as a human being who is trying to resolve issues connected to life, work, and family.

• Connections: Blogging about your writing offers opportunities for other writers to connect with you, which can offer valuable support in terms of making your work known to others as well as creating a support system for you. Writers who've been there and done that can make your path to publishing success much shorter! You'll meet writers who've hired graphic designers, agents, and others who can help you on your journey.

• Marketing Funnel: Blogs allow you to direct interested readers down a marketing funnel towards purchasing your book. Most users won't buy on the first visit; they want to get to know you first. Let readers engage with you through blogs until they develop enough trust to buy and promote your book.

• Reader Promotion: Readers who like your blog content will promote you to other readers, even if they don't buy your book, and this further develops your audience.

• Blogs become Books: Blogging allows you to further develop your writing in response to reader feedback. You may come up with your next published book via blogging.

• Selling Books: There's no reason you can't sell books through your blog. Add a PayPal link or other shopping cart option and make it easy for interested readers to buy your book!

Blogging is an excellent option for promoting and selling your books.

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