Those Most Adaptable to Change Succeed – Marketing in the Digital Age

"It's not the strongest nor most intelligent that survives; the most adaptable to change wins."

While Charles Darwin wasn't thinking of marketing in the digital age when he said these words, they couldn't be more appropriate to the quick and ever-changing climate of online marketing.

I'm a writer as well as an online marketer and writing is an evergreen topic. There are steadfast rules that pretty much last forever. I've written articles on 'writing' years ago and they are just as relevant and factual today.

Online marketing is another story.

Technology and strategies can change overnight. And, search engines and/or social media channels can change their algorithms without any notice causing even more changes (and stress) for internet marketers.

Even marketing terminology changes.

That's why Darwin's quote can be applied to the marketer's life. If you can't adapt to the constant changes in marketing, you'll be lost – your business will suffer.

Because of this, it's essential to keep up with current strategies through ongoing reading and learning.

Here are a few of the top marketing sites that I read to help keep up with those relentless changes:  

There are many other sites out there that offer top marketing information, but I’m trying to keep this list short and sweet.


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