Email Marketing and The Evergreen System (it has to do with autoresponders)

How do you create a marketing system that converts, and one that keeps working without any effort after the initial setup?

It’s called the ‘evergreen system’ or the ‘autopilot system.’ And, it involves email marketing and autoresponders.

I’m in the process of creating this type of system. I’m hoping to have it up and running in the new year. Interestingly, each pro marketer has their own version of this system. The one I lean toward is the six-week mini e-course.

The Evergreen System Ingredients

1. A Website is the very first ingredient or element. You must have a website and one that’s SEO effective.

No matter who you are or what you’re selling, you must have a website that works. It needs to generate traffic, engage readers, boost your authority, be shareable, be SEO effective, and convert.

2. Landing pages are the second element. It’s the landing pages that you’ll bring your inbound traffic to. These pages must have copy that converts. It needs to let the visitor know that by saying YES to the CTA (call-to-action) he’ll get something of value. Your landing page should address the visitor’s problem.

3. The opt-in is one of the most important conversion ingredients in this marketing mix. The opt-in needs to be attractive, engaging, and quickly convey the benefit of clicking through. It needs great copy.

Tip: Your opt-in can cause reader anxiety, so be careful of the wording. Avoid “Sign Up” and “Free Trial.” Both can be subconsciously perceived as costing monetarily or ‘effort wise’ down the line

4. The free gift may very well be ‘the’ most important ingredient. It’s the gift that will motivate the visitor to click on the opt-in box. But, it MUST be perceived by the visitor as being valuable enough to give her email address.

5. The follow-up or autoresponder series is what will create this evergreen, converting system powerful.

I’ve written about the autoresponder series before – you can check it out at: Powerful Email Messages That Actually Convert. But, this series is different.

In this newer version of the autoresponder series, it’s all about giving doable information through the weekly ‘lessons’ series.

How it Works

Once you get the new subscriber with your free ‘information’ gift that’s absolutely worth his email address, you follow-up with a six part autoresponder through your email marketing service.

Since everyone is busy, keep the lessons short and sweet and if at all possible, make them a video. Research shows that video converts better than other forms of content.

According to Tim Paige of LeadPages, the videos should be no more than 4 minutes each. The first 3 minutes should be valuable information and the 4th minute should be your CTA. Let the subscribers know that if they want even more in depth information that will help them get more traffic, or boost their authority, or lose weight, or have whiter teeth, they should get what you’re offering.

Pretty simple, right? Give it a try!


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