Have More Than One CTA Link in Your Emails (to make sure it’s seen)

This power-packed marketing strategy involves sprinkling links throughout your emails.

The idea is to make sure your CTA link is not just at the end of your email. You need one or two earlier on, for those readers who don’t read to the end of the content. It’s important to give them the opportunity to see your links by having another one or two within the email.

A lot of readers are ‘skim readers,’ or get distracted, or realize they don’t have time to read on. They may save the email to read later, but that never happens. So, your CTA never gets a chance – that email didn’t have a chance at conversion.

To remedy this scenario, have one link within the second paragraph of the content and maybe another one in the fourth paragraph. This of course will depend on the length of the email.

The reader will have amble opportunity to see the link and if your content is motivating, opportunity to click on the link.

Using this email marketing strategy will definitely give your click-through-rate a boost.

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