Have You Had Your Content Stolen? Protection Strategies You Need to Know

I write a lot. I have probably close to, or over, 1500 articles and blog posts floating in cyber space. In fact, there may be 2000 or more. Some have my byline, others I've ghostwritten.

When you have that much content out there, you have to expect some of it will get hijacked, even though it's not ethical.

An article at Problogger, delves into this topic and gives 3 tips you can use to protect your content.

1. Stop 'em cold in their tracks.

This first tip I haven't taken advantage of, but will so soon. It involves disabling 'text selection' from your blog. The Problogger articles explains more about this. In essence it makes it so your content can't be copied off your screen.

You can use this strategy with both Blogger and WordPress.

2. Next up is watermarking your images.

You wouldn't think this is necessary, but from experience it is. I create just about all of the images I use on my blogs and websites. I put a "Copyright 201X Karen Cioffi" on them. One though, on book marketing, I uploaded before adding my copyright note. I happened upon that image on a writer's website. It was being used as their logo.

Now, using a copyright note isn't the same as using watermarks, but it's a step in the right direction.

3. The RSS feed is third on the list.

This is about protecting your RSS feed. You can "either allow partial/short RSS feeds (so that the scraping software doesn’t take all of your content) or add a custom feed signature with a copyright notice in the feed footer section of your blog"

I have a copyright notice at the bottom of all my websites.

Keep in mind there is NO absolute strategy to keep your content from being hijacked, but every precaution helps.

To read the Problogger article on protecting your content from being copied, just click the link!


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