Social Media - Should Facebook be Worried About the NEW Kid on the Block, Ello?

As someone who’s not a huge Facebook (FB) fan, it will be interesting to see if this new social media platform gives Facebook a run for its money.

According to an article at Forbes, “The platform, which is still in public beta (meaning invite-only), has caused quite a stir; dubbed by some as the ‘hipster social network’, Ello offers a forever ad-free experience and promises to never sell its users’ information to third parties.”

The landing page for Ello says, “Simple, beautiful, and, ad free.

So, there is one element that it will have over FB.

Another element of their campaign, according to Forbes, is they will actually respect your privacy.

Imagine that!

No, unwanted ads, no privacy invasion, no disrespect and unethical practices.

If Ello does take off and they indeed make good on their promises, FB better watch out.

A side note: What I find super-interesting is Ello isn’t even open for business yet and their Alexa rankings are 1,819 (I think from India) and 1,255 U.S. Apparently, the buzz is working.

Should Facebook be Worried?

Statistics are in FB’s favor.

According to PewResearch Internet Project, last year 71% of online adult users were members of Facebook. This is compared to 22% on LinkedIn and 21% on Pinterest.

According to OurSocialTimes, “over 80% of ‘other’ social network users also use Facebook.”

That’s pretty impressive. Even if someone uses Twitter or Pinterest or GooglePlus, they are very likely to be using FB also.

Summing It Up

Okay, Facebook seems to be pretty solid. They seem like a very strong pillar - one that will be difficult to knock down. But, I do believe people are becoming more and more annoyed at the lack of privacy and intrusive ads, as well as FB’s unethical shenanigans. So, you just never know.

What are your thoughts?



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