Self-Absorption, Reflection, and Giving (moving your marketing goals from you to your audience)

There’s a great article at Boost Blog Traffic. It’s by Jon Morrow and it’s on unleashing your power.

The article was posted on Thanksgiving and what grabbed me about it was the words ‘gluttony’ and ‘selfishness.’

I’ve long been concerned about today’s ‘me’ attitude.

I know people who consider their birthdays a week-long event. Who even take off from work on their birthdays. I know a high-school boy who’s allowed to take off from school on his birthday.

Interestingly, the Bible (at Ecclesiastes 7:1) says that a man’s death is of more significance than his birth.


Possibly in part because his life would have dictated what kind of person he was, how he lived his life. Life isn't supposed to be about self-absorption.

When did the individual become so self-important, so self-absorbed?

According to his article, Morrow has a similar concern about our society and its self-absorption focus. Speaking of Thanksgiving, he said, “It’s becoming more and more about gluttony. Not just sharing a meal with your family, but eating until you put yourself in a turkey-induced coma, waiting a few hours, and then doing it again.”

So, what has this to do with marketing?

Simple, it’s about how you view your business, your marketing, and your goals.

Yes, everyone needs to make a living to survive, but how do you strive to make that living?

Think about it.

Is your business goal to earn $100,000 annually? To reach $500,000 annually or be in the millions? Is it to become a Fortune 500 business? Maybe, it’s to create a business that will allow you to buy a new home, a vacation home, and/or a new car. Maybe it’s to put your kids through college and still be able to afford food. Maybe it’s to afford medical care for you and your family.

All that’s fine, but what’s the thought process on reaching your goals?

Are you at all concerned about helping your customers, clients, audience? Or, are they simply a dollar sign to you.

Is giving to others a part of your business strategy? Is actually helping those you’re involved with a concern?

Check out Morrow’s article. It’s a very interesting read:

On Gluttony, Selfishness, and Unleashing our Power Within


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