Twitter as Part of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy – Process, Tips, and Benefits (A Case Study)

Information is all around us. And, that information can help us create, build, and tweak our marketing strategy.

In a recent article (I can’t remember where I read), it talked about social media marketing. In particular, it gave tips on using Twitter. The one tip I remember is to tweet eight to 10 times a day.

I put this strategy to the test in two ways:

1. I created a new Twitter account and posted about 8 tweets a day.
2. I increased my primary Twitter account (@KarenCV) tweets to about 8 a day.

Note: The tweets were focused primarily on #contentmarketing and #socialmedia. And, they linked to ‘valuable’ content (blog posts).

The Process

  • The process was random.
  • I would tweet one or two posts each morning.
  • I checked my Notifications.
  • I created a list of those who Favorited my tweets.
  • I thanked those who favorited my tweets in a Thank You tweet.
  • I would randomly throughout the day post another of my blog post links to Twitter.
  • I would randomly retweet or favorite posts of others.
  • I would tweet blog posts I read on other websites.
  • I stopped posting tweets around 7PM.
  • If I was busy on particular days, my tweeting decreased those days.

The Results

This process worked.

The new Twitter account quickly grew. It got lots of Favorites and Retweets. It even got on other Tweeters marketing and social media Lists. Along with this, I got New Followers every day.

The same thing happened to my primary account. In fact, that account got anywhere from 2 to 18 Favoritings a day, along with Retweets.

Fine Tuning the Process

I decided to handle the process in a more business-like manner with my primary Twitter account.

Using, I now prepost my tweets at two-hour intervals from around 6:30AM to 2:30AM the next morning.

I still randomly go into Twitter and retweet or favorite the posts of others (I need to tweak this process). And, I still use Thank You tweets for those who favorite my tweets.

This was a very recent revision, but I’ve already seen lots of activity. My Favoritings have increased to 5 to 22 a day and I'm getting more retweets and on more Lists.

Worthwhile Mention

I engage other Tweeters by retweeting and favoriting their posts. Along with this, I Thank each of those who Favorite my posts by mentioning them in a Thank You tweet.

I offer useful information through links in my tweets.

My next step is to find a program/service that will allow me to automatically retweet or favorite tweets of some of the tweeters I follow who always offer useful information.

6 Benefits of Using Twitter as Part of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy   

1. It offers great visibility.
2. It increases website traffic.
3. If helps boost your authority status.
4. I helps boost search engine ranking.
5. It has the potential to boost conversions, including mailing list subscribers.
6. It has the potential to generate sales (customers / clients)

Note: If the number of valuable tweets were increased, I’m sure the engagement and benefits would increase.

If you’re not on Twitter yet, get started today. If you’re on it, ‘take it up a notch.’ I’d love to know your results with it.

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