Website Optimization – What Colors Should You Use to Evoke the Visitor Response You Want

Colors are all around us. They inspire us, they sooth us, they motivate us, they can even anger us. They can even be healing.  Colors can be viewed as non-verbal communication.

According to , colors are “a powerful communication tool and can be used to signal action, influence mood, and cause physiological reactions.”

So, it’s easy to see that colors are a critical element to an effective website. While it may not influence your search engine optimization, it will have a direct influence on those who visit your site.

Put this knowledge into action.

The first thing to do is take into account is the purpose of your website.

  • Is it an action gaming site?
  • Is it a food site?
  • It it a writing site?
  • Is it a business site offering products – if so what kind of products?
  • Do you offer services - if so what kind of services?
  • Do you want to evoke action?
  • Do you want to evoke trust?
  • Do you want to evoke relaxation and calm?

You get the idea. You need to know exactly what the purpose of your site is before you decide on colors.

Another factor to take into account is ‘color’ visibility. Like fonts, computers may not display (read) the colors you’re using as they appear on your website.

Be sure to use colors that are web safe.

Sites like offer a ‘fixed’ color palette that you can browse through.

What colors should you use?

Because of the importance of colors in your website design, it’s essential to know what colors cause what reactions. Below are five basic colors and how they can make a visitor to your site feel.

Red is an action color. It’s a color that can motivate us to take action.

Yellow evokes feelings of lightness and cheer. It’s an uplifting color.

Orange is another uplifting color. It evokes warmth mental energy.

Green is soothing color that evokes a feeling of balance.

Blue evokes feelings of trust and loyalty.

Take the time to do some ‘color’ research. It will help you decide which colors will work best for your site.

My website color scheme.

I’m still in the process of deciding which colors to make my brand. My current colors are blue and grey. The blue works, but grey is an unemotional color. Although, it does evoke a sense of stability.

My website color scheme is a work in progress. As a marketer and writer who offers services, I’m leaning toward a blue. Having visitors perceive my site (and me) as trustworthy is an important factor to consider.



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