Writing Books and Making Money – 7 Must-know Strategies of Successful Authors

I listened to a teleseminar by Steve Harrison of Quantum Leap recently. He has helped a number of heavy-hitters, such as Peggy McCall and Guy Kawasaki.

The focus of the call was on the differences between ‘rich authors’ and ‘poor authors.’ 

Of the differences Harrison gave, below are some of the most important.

7 Strategies and Tips that Successful Authors Use and Unsuccessful Authors Don’t

1. Plan it out

Of the differences between rich and poor authors (and marketers), the single most important factor is a focused plan. If you’re planning any journey, you can’t reach your destination without first planning how to get there.

Authors who achieve their goals have a plan, and it’s focused.

2. Exposure

The second most important success factor is exposure. Successful authors know the importance of generating visibility. You need to have an effective platform from day one. Your platform includes your website, your niche branding, your marketing efforts, joint ventures, and so on.

3. The subscriber list

Third on the list is to create and build a subscriber list. Successful authors know they need a list. It’s the people on your list who will most likely buy what you’re offering. You in turn need to provide ongoing and helpful information to your list.

4. Model strategies that are proven to work

Fourth up is to use what’s already proven to work. There really are experienced writers and marketers who have developed strategies that are proven to work. Those who are successful know they need to model those strategies or learn from people who are more experienced.

Take courses, classes, and workshops. Attend webinars. Listen to teleseminars and podcasts. Learn, learn, learn. Model, model, model.

5. Seek help if you need it

Authors and marketers also know the value of having a support team and learning what they need to know to move forward.

This can be an overwhelming business and it’s oversaturated. It’s nearly impossible to do everything yourself. If you try, something will have to give – no one can do it all.

Finding competent and reliable help when needed is important. It may be getting help with your marketing plan, or maybe help putting your book together, or maybe optimizing your website, or maybe learning how to write effective content to bring traffic to your site.

6. It’s not about the book

Successful writers and marketers need to realize they will most likely NOT get rich from writing books. It’s the doors books can open that can lead to success. You might go on to give workshops. You might go on to become a coach in your niche.  You might go on to do presentations and seminars. The idea is to know you need to create and sell higher-end products or services to make money.

Along with this, you need to make these offers visible. One of the best places to do this is at the end of your book and in your subscriber welcome message.

7. Walk-the-walk

And finally, you must take action. Your plan needs to be executed. You need to take calculated actionable steps in order to achieve success.

A successful author doesn’t necessarily sell lots and lots of books; she knows how to make the system work. She knows it’s about making your book be a platform for making money.

Use these tips and make your book writing become a profitable business.


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