Is Facebook Worth Your Social Media Marketing Time? What About Twitter?

I never used Facebook like most other marketers. While I have a page, I don't hold my breath expecting traffic . . . or money from it.

This is not to say I don't post to it regularly, but the platform has too many hurdles to jump over to make it worth my time and effort (for me anyway).

What are some of the hurdles with Facebook?

To start, I don't like the fact that they track every one of your online movements (that FB is privy to). It's a big privacy issue.

Next, they show their users posts based on what they assume those users would like or be interested in. These assumptions are based on their data gathering of your personal and business moves. The company’s assumptions though may not right.

Next, since they do the same for everyone, my posts aren't reaching their potential, not by a long shot. I think the latest statistic is around 2% of your posts actually reach your users.

Finally, and I guess understandably since it’s a business, the platform is becoming a 'paid for visibility' platform. If you pay for your posts to reach more users they will. If you don't, well . . .

I’m sure there are those reading this saying, “She’s crazy.” And, maybe I am, but I’m not alone.

In an article at, the author explains:

The crux of the research suggests that brands are wasting their time, effort, and money on Facebook and Twitter to diminishing returns. A study conducted by the firm from earlier this year found that posts from top brands on Twitter and Facebook reach just 2% of their followers. Engagement is even more measly: A mere 0.07% of followers actually interact with those posts.

According to the article, the vice president and principal analyst at Forrester, Nate Elliot, is advising businesses to stop wasting their time, resources, and money on Facebook.

So, at this point, I feel my Facebook decision was and is a good one.

The Problem

Yes, there is a problem.

What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.

Once one social media channel takes a new direction, especially if it’s a giant like Facebook, the others will follow.

The Fast Company article also slams Twitter for not meeting your business visibility and engagement potential.

Twitter has its own advertising platform also. What does this mean? If you pay, your tweets will get more visibility.

The days of the free social network visibility seems to be heading for distinction. Time to get out your wallet or find alternative ‘visibility’ avenues.

I really feel between Google's unreliable and constantly-changing algorithms and social media giants charging for visibility, it's putting the home business and small business at a great disadvantage.

To read the full Fast Company article, click the link:
Brands are Wasting Their Time and Money on Facebook and Twitter

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