Is It Possible to Get More Visibility Juice Out of Your Social Network Shares?

I’ve written about optimizing your blog posts, but I don’t think I included metadata for more visibility.

Metadata, according to, is “data about data.”

You can’t get any simpler than that.

What this means is you have the opportunity, within your blog post optimization tools, to explain what your post is about.

Here’s where you can find the description tools in Blogger and WordPress - the first image is Blogger, the second is WordPress:

Whether you use, WordPress, or other content management system, it provides a description area where you can input what the post is about.

You can and should use a keyword in the description. And, you should make the copy powerful. Powerful means to make it enticing to the reader – enticing enough that she’ll click on your link whether it’s visible through social media channels or a search results..

Here are four examples from my blog posts:

The post title: Video Marketing – Hosted or Self-Hosted?

The description: Using video as part of your content marketing strategy is a must. But should you self-host those videos or have them hosted?

Notice I have two keywords in the description: they're in red.

The post title: Why You Absolutely Need a Website as Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy

The description: You've been told you must have a website as part of your marketing strategy. But, do you know why?

In this metadata examples the keywords I used are in red.

The post title: Life and Marketing are Like Riding a Bicycle

The description: You have to constantly keep up with new and improved marketing strategies if you don't want to lose your balance.

For this post I used the keyword 'marketing strategies'. The reason is because the post isn’t really specific to a particular marketing niche. When you have a title that’s a bit ambiguous, you need your description to fill in the blanks.

TIP: The description for this post could have been better. I’m assuming I was in a rush when I created it. But, I can always go back and tweak it. And, I should make it a point to do it sooner than later.

For this post, the description is:  Using metadata will give your social network shares (your blog posts) more visibility juice.

The keywords used are in red.

Interesting SEO tidbit: To have added more clarity to what I’m trying to say to you, the reader, I would have written the keywords I used for each description instead of saying, “they’re in red.”

But, if I included the keywords twice, it would most likely have been picked up by Google as over-keyword-usage. And, I might have gotten a slap on the hand. Good old Google.

So, in essence, I'm not really writing for the reader, I'm writing for Google.

The Keywords
The keywords I use are ones that will inform the search engines and readers what that particular post is focusing on. It’s a quick and easy way for the reader to determine if my post is even something she will be interested in.

The Copy

The description copy is what needs to be powerful. While the keywords will get the reader in the ‘motivation mood,’ it’s the actual copy that will turn that motivation to action and prompt her to click on my link.

More Metadata

While optimizing your blog post description is essential, your web pages also have a metadata tool.

It’s ‘optimization smart’ to utilize every tool and opportunity you have to make your content as visible to search engine bots and readers as it can be.

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