Is Social Sharing the No. 1 Ranking Strategy? List of WordPress Plugins Just in Case

What’s the number 1 online marketing strategy today?

It’s social media sharing.

Uh, well, maybe . . . most probably.

Rumors and murmurings are filtering through the internet world insinuating that ‘sharing’ is now more powerful than backlinks. I did some research as to whether this is true or not, but couldn’t find any concrete evidence.

But, if it’s not true yet, it probably will be the most powerful ranking factor soon. And, the search engines definitely take your social engagement into account when ranking your website.

Marketers are even using social networks to by-pass Google’s search ranking. And, you really can’t blame them; Google is changing its algorithms too fast to keep up with. If you don’t hit the content and website mark on ‘all’ counts, you lose search ranking – you lose authority.

This is huge.

So, social media marketing is a critical element to ranking and authority.

To make the most of social sharing, you need Share Buttons on all your blog posts.

WP Chronicles has a great post listing 30 of the best WordPress social sharing buttons. It covers general sharing buttons (lists multiple social networks) and specific to networks buttons, such as Twitter.

The first five on the general list are:

Digg Digg is a floating share bar that has lots of features. It’s free and looks like a worth whle download. It's said to look like Mashable’s share buttons.

Shareaholic is a free plugin with lots of features and covers multiple networks. And, it has support.

Easy Social Share Button for WordPress is $14 and covers at least 20 social networks. It has lots of features worth checking out.

Flare is another free plugin and covers multiple networks, including all the biggies. You can customize the icons’ appearance; control which posts it appears on; it can be displayed on the top, bottom or sides of your post; and it follows the readers as they scroll down the page. This plugin doesn’t come with support. Pretty cool for a free plugin! is a three part plugin tool. It comes with Flare (share buttons), Passport (helps boosts followers), and “Ivy to make texts shareable directly from your blog.”
And, it offers analytics.

I signed up for the product, but if I read the information right, it hasn’t launched yet. I’m on a list.

I use Share Post and The Social Links. I think it’s time to experiment with different plugins though. I like the floating bar – it makes for easy sharing for the visitor. I know I appreciate this type of Share bar when I want to share another blogger’s post.

You really should check out WP Chronicles' list. Click the link below:
30 Best WordPress Social Sharing Plugins


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