LinkedIn - The Underused Social Media Network

We all know that social media marketing is a must for at least five reasons:

1. Increased visibility
2. Increased traffic and rankings
3. Building authority
4. Making connections
5. Finding potential clients / customers (leads)

The biggies in the social network channels are Facebook and Twitter, with Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn following behind.

But, should this be the case?

LinkedIn in particular is about finding jobs and staff. Whether you’re looking for a job or seeking to hire employees, it’s the place to be. It’s also the network that’s much more focused. There’s ‘no’ “what I had for breakfast” or “look at my vacation photos.” It’s certainly not like Facebook.

LinkedIn launched in May 2013 as a networking site for business folk looking to connect. And, it still holds that title.

LinkedIn’s Pulse

Knowing that content (information) is what people and businesses want, LinkedIn jumped in the publishing waters and created a platform for users to publish articles. Pulse was launched November 2013.

The Pulse purpose is to provide LinkedIn users with relevant, focused, helpful, and up-to-date information. This platform has made for a ‘stickier’ LinkedIn.

But, it’s also beneficial to users. Like article directories and blogging platforms, users can post full length articles to Pulse. This helps generate visibility and build authority. Using this platform is a great way to become known as an influencer in your particular field.

Why Use LinkedIn?

Numbers don’t lie, so here are some statistics from Business 2 Community demonstrating LinkedIn’s power:

  • There are 259,000,000 users on LinkedIn
  • There are 2,100,000 groups
  • LinkedIn gets 184,000,000 unique visitors each month
  • LinkedIn gets 172,000 new signups every day
  • LinkedIn has 3X higher visitor-to-lead conversion rate than Facebook and Twitter
  • Just over 44% of users have increased their face-to-face networking effectiveness
  • Ninety-four% of recruiters use LinkedIn to examine potential candidates

These statistics are impressive and B2C has lots more you can check out at:
LinkedIn, the Missing Piece of Your Marketing Puzzle

My Experience

First, I have to say I don’t use LinkedIn that much. While I do share my content and that of others to my LinkedIn feed, I only occasionally comment on forum conversations.

I do though publish on Pulse. But, again, only occasionally.

Even with my haphazard use of LinkedIn, I acquired an ongoing business writing gig through it.

Based on the statistics above and the work I got through this channel, I will be stepping it up on LinkedIn. I’ll post more frequently to Pulse and be more active in group conversations.

I’ve come to realize that you get what you put into these social channels.

Summing It Up

As with any marketing strategy, it’s important to test your effort’s results.

It’s impossible to be involved effectively in every network out there, so it’s important to test the waters and see which one provides the best ROI.

LinkedIn is an effective place to get involved with others in your field - become visible to them. Get in on a couple of conversations. Try publishing to Pulse. Make it a part of your content marketing and inbound marketing strategies.

Then, test it out and see if it’s worth your time and effort.

I’d love to know what your LinkedIn experience has been.


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