Once You Have Social Network Followers, Then What?

One of my email subscribers asked me about Staged. It’s a social media engagement service that gets you Followers. But, unless you have the budget, it can get expensive since there’s a monthly fee.

I’ll call the subscriber John Doe for this article.

The other part of John’s question was that although the service did get him a lot of Followers on Twitter, how could he monetize them.

The first thing I asked John was if the Followers the service got him were targeted. In other words, were those Twitter users potential customers. Or, at least relevant to his niche/industry. Followers who could add to the conversation.

On my own social media marketing, I’m picky about who I Follow. I only Follow targeted users. I do this because I want potential leads / clients. I also want Followers who can add to the targeted conversation. In my case, the conversation is content marketing and inbound marketing.

I told John that although he gets Followers, whether on his own or through a paid service, he still has to produce quality content that will lead those Followers back to his website. And, where ever he brings that traffic to, it must be monetized.

So, if John brings the website traffic to his blog posts, those posts must have a CTA (call-to-action). It might be a prompt to join his mailing list or to get a free consultation. The same holds true for sales pages or product pages. The pages must be effective enough to convert.

Bottom line, the number of your Followers isn’t as important as the quality of those Followers. It goes back to the blogging strategy of quality over quantity.


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Danny Rivera said...

It is an undeniable fact that an online marketer should be smart enough to post fresh and crispy information on the social media sites to maintain interest level of the audiences, and divert them towards the targeted website. If, you don’t keep in touch with the masses and arouse their curiosity in knowing more about your products or services, then you lose half the battle, no matter how many followers you earn by hook or crook. Get more tips from Chris Hines, a web marketing expert par excellence.

Karen Cioffi-Ventrice said...

Danny, thanks for the input. I agree, it's essential to keep producing engaging content. That's what will make the connection.