3 List Building Strategies for Success in Today’s Market

You've heard it over and over, what worked before isn’t working now.

I attended a webinar by online marketer Clay Collins. It was about the newer strategies for successful list building. They've been around for a while now, but many haven't taken that step forward and gotten on board.

As with most marketing strategies, once they become overused they become old and tired. What used to work becomes less and less effective. This is what is currently  happening within the marketing arena and it could affect your business.

As an example, you might have been adding a bit of text at the end of each post suggesting the reader get more valuable information by opting into your mailing list. Or, you have your opt-in very visible spot on your website with “Subscribe Today,” or similar wording.

Well, these strategies are all overused and as mentioned above, becoming less effective.

Have you noticed less people willing to give you their email address? I certainly have.

According to marketing research, this is happening across the board. Readers and visitors are becoming savvier. They know exactly why you want their email address - to sell them products or services. So, you better darn well have something of REAL value to give them if you expect a YES response.

Keep in mind that just about everyone online is offering something and they all want that visitor as a subscriber. To get visitors on a mailing list, the FREEBIE is offered.

You and I and a million other people offer free reports, free ebooks, free podcasts, free videos, and even free coaching sessions. The freebie has become so prevalent that it too is losing its appeal. This prevalence has made the freebie less valuable.

In addition to this, there are just so many marketers bombarding everyone’s email with ‘pie in the sky’ promises. Promises that you can make $5,000 a week, or even in a day; promises that if you give him $197 he’ll give you the step-by-step method of creating your own million dollar business. Or, if you join his program or membership site, you will become an expert and make money, just like him.

The emails are unrelenting and everyone is overwhelmed by them. So, can you blame the visitor for being leery?

In recent months, I’ve seen a drop in subscribers to my list. And, my email inbox is so cluttered I have to delete mail I would like to read, but there just isn’t enough time.

In fact, a number of people are now using ‘spam’ emails, or emails they use just for subscribing to get freebies. Or, they sign-up and after they receive the freebie, they unsubscribe. This has happened to me also.

While this may seem like a bit of doom and gloom, there are newer strategies you can put in place to move forward and continue to build your list with quality subscribers.

The single most important strategy to keep your list building moving forward is using the major platforms.
You may be reluctant to jump on the ‘major platform’ bandwagon, but if you don’t, you can kiss your list building away.

Let’s look at the three heavy hitters:

1. YouTube

The most effective conversion marketing tool around now is video. If you haven’t learned how to create a simple video (and it can be simple), you need to invest the time and do so then get it up on YouTube.

If you’re intimidated by video, you might start with You create a slide show with a PowerPoint document. It plays like a video and is simple to create. You can check out one I did at:

Content Marketing – Optimize Your Blogger Blog Posts

The drawback to Slideshare is the lack of audio. While you can add music to it, there is no talking. This lessens the personal effect for the visitor.

2. iTunes

Another major player is iTunes, which is the world’s number one music store. Creating a podcast an uploading it onto iTunes is a great marketing strategy.

I’m working on getting podcasts on iTunes. I have them on my sites as a welcome and introduction, and will hopefully get some up on iTunes in the near future.

If you’d like to get an idea of how to create a podcast and how to upload it onto iTunes, you can check out this three-part video:

3. Amazon

And, then there’s Amazon. Not much needs to be said about Amazon, aside from you need to write an ebook and get it on Kindle. Or, you might write a book and self-publish it with CreateSpace (also from Amazon).

Whether you sell the book or use it as a promotional tool, you should have a link to your opt-in in the back. If appropriate, say you’re writing a marketing book, you can have it in relevant spots throughout the book.

I have ebooks on Kindle and a book through CreateSpace, with more to come.

Depending on your niche, decide which platform will work best for you. A better bet is to use both.

To be in the game today, you need to be on at least one of these platforms, preferably on all three to be an effective marketer and to get your business ‘out there.’


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