3 Super-Tips That Will Help Ensure Your Emails Get Delivered and Opened

Email marketing is a powerful high conversion tool. It’s one of the elements of inbound marketing and brings your content and offerings right to your ‘signed-up’ audience.

What makes this marketing strategy so powerful is that you’re communicating with people who willing gave you their email addresses in order to receive YOUR information.

But, even though you have those email addresses, you want to make sure the recipients actually receive (and open) your emails.

So, here are three email deliverability tips.

Tip Number 1 – Use a paid email service for your email marketing.

Back in April of 2014, a new Yahoo email strategy went into place: emails to subscriber lists, sent through the ‘free’ email service, would not be delivered.

This made everyone taking advantage of email marketing and who was not already using their ‘paid website service’s email,’ switch their email “from” to a paid website service.

Okay, that may sound a bit confusing, so let me explain.

Ever since I started email marketing I used a free Yahoo email account. Then all of a sudden there was NO guarantee that the emails I sent to my list would be delivered. So, I quickly started using a ‘paid website’ email for my subscriber list: This is now the email I use for my email marketing.

“If you are using free email services like Yahoo and Gmail, change your “From Address” on your subscriber email lists to a paid service, use a domain that you control, one that’s connected to your website.” (1)

Tip Number 2 – Monitor your email list for ‘no shows.’

If you have a list, no doubt you have an email marketing service provider, such as GetResponse, that allows you to monitor and analyze how your list is doing. Take note of your bounce rate and those email addresses that don’t bother to open your emails.

Business to Community says, “The beginning of the year offers the perfect opportunity to review your database, and remove any subscribers that haven’t opened or clicked your emails (we typically recommend six to nine months). Review and remove, so you can focus on that core group of engaged subscribers.” (2)

Tips Number 3 – Deliver value with effective titles.

This tip kind of goes along with number 2. Your open rate will definitely increase if you’re providing:

  • Content your list wants to receive
  • Content that will help your subscribers move forward
  • The occasional valuable offer and freebie
  • A title that will make the subscriber want to open your email

I monitor what’s happening with my emails – open rate, click rate, bounce rate, and so on. I’ve found that in my niche, the emails about social media marketing, interesting blogging tips, and helpful writing emails tend to get more opens than others.

Here are five titles that had good open rates:

If you’re not currently analyzing your email list statistics, you should start today. Clean out the weeds and take note of what’s working.

High conversion tool – a marketing strategy that effectively turns visitors into subscribers, potential clients into paying clients, leads into customers. You get the idea.


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