How Social Media Marketing Helps a Storefront Business

Guest post by Matthew Yeoman

We’ve all had that experience of being on a social media profile for a brand we like, looking at their content, and then having the urge to get up and head to their store. I usually get this thought when I’m looking at food or sneakers.

My example, and the examples that you can think of in your head, are the first pieces of proof that social media marketing can truly bring people through the door of your storefront. The following article will look deeper into:

● Statistics behind social media leading to in-store purchases
● What any retailer can do to bridge the digital gap

With this knowledge you’ll be better able to understand why your business should be using social media marketing, and how you can create deeper connections between it and your storefront.

Social media and in store purchase statistics

Even with Amazon, iTunes, eBay, and a million other online stores, we are still making 94% of our purchases in actual stores.(1) Finding out how many of your customers follow you online by urging your cashiers to ask each customer if they’re following you can be pretty tedious!

Stores have been doing tests lately to see what sort of results their social media marketing has been getting. The easiest is running a free digital coupon promotion on one of your social platforms and seeing how many people use it.

Promoted tweets, organic tweets, and storefront sales increases

Most brands do the bulk of their Twitter marketing using organic tweets. When Datalogix compared those who saw tweets from a brand, versus a control group of people who didn’t, there was an 8% rise in sales amongst those who saw a single organic tweet. For a more active brand, when users saw 5 or more tweets over a week there was a rise of 24% in sales amongst them.

Connecting your social media and in store activity

There are ways that you can setup your store, through displays and signage, that will help you see an increase in activity on your social media accounts.

A retail store which is over a century old, but still learning new tricks, is Nordstrom. They have taken a look at their most popular content on Pinterest and given these items special signage in their stores. (2) This simple act has helped them:

● Identify product with visual appeal, both online and inside their stores
● Make it easy for online fans to locate the products in the store via signage
● Have greater direct interaction between the items in their stores and their Pinterest account

Taking the time to identify the products which are the most popular online, by tracking your interactions, and then singling these products out in stores can help product really fly off shelves. The more connections you try to make between social media and the real world the more results you’ll see.

Using events as an in-store purchasing opportunity

Brands have been using special in-store events, like sales and other promotions, to get people in the doors from TV and radio for decades. With social media you can do even more to push not only the in-store promotion, but your social media accounts themselves.
A simple hashtag, which you create specifically for your event, can connect the content you create to promote your event. Twitter and Instagram are the most hashtag-friendly social platforms.

Once you are using your hashtag actively in your online marketing, you need to start planning for the day/weekend/week of your event. Having signs printed up which use the hashtag on them, and which encourage those taking part to use the hashtag, will be one more way to connect your social media and in-store events.

The goal of any social media marketing campaign should be to build a dialogue between your brand and your customers. Your first step in this success is creating dialogue on social media. Your next step is bridging the gap between the digital and real worlds by way of in-store use of your social hashtags and information you gain from social media.

You need to stop thinking of your social media marketing as this separate thing - you need to bring it right inside your stores to really make an impact with it.


Matthew is the writer over on the Social Media News blog. You can find him there every Friday with the latest updates in the social world, or you can visit the @Devumi Twitter account for your daily news fix!



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