Social Media Marketing - The Event of the Year

The Social Media World 2015 event is taking place March 25th to March 27th. And, it is the event of the year.

For most of us, it’s really not feasible to drop everything and go to San Diego (although, it’d be great if you could). I know I'd love to.

So, to make sure you don’t miss out on anything. To make sure you have an opportunity to partake of this important marketing event, Social Media Examiner is providing VIRTUAL TICKETS!

Yes, you can attend without leaving the comfort of your home or office.

Okay, maybe you’re wondering why this is such a special annual event.

It’s because social media is one of the most powerful inbound marketing tools there is. It does everything from generating visibility to increasing your quality inbound links, to boosting your conversions.

Did you know that LinkedIn and Pinterest are a tie for second place in user growth? Did you know that Facebook hasn't grown, but its user engagement has increased. Do you know why this matters?

Visibility, traffic, readership, authority, rankings, conversions, ...

Social media marketing is a must and it’s important to know how to do it effectively.

I don’t usually endorse events, but I know the importance of this one.

And, the virtual ticket is a fraction of the cost of a regular ticket. And, you’ll still get all the great information. You get FULL ACCESS to every session through video recordings.

There’ll be over 100 recordings of everything that goes on. Pretty cool, right?

Those recordings are yours to watch anytime, anywhere.

Why invest in a virtual ticket?

Ah, let me count the ways . . .

1. You can soak in the experience and insights from the world’s leading social media marketer – at your own pace. 

2. It’s cost-effective. No plane fare or other traveling expenses.

3. It’s a great savings compared to the cost of the in-person ticket.

4. The moment you sign up, you have access to an exclusive LinkedIn networking group of other virtual attendees. You’ll have the opportunity to help others and ask questions.

5. You’ll be able to watch the video sessions over and over and over.

6. You’ll also get dowloadable PDF files of slides and audio MP3 files.

7. This event can help you take your business to the next level.

What to do.

Check out this year's Social Media event. Get more information and sign up today.

Let me know  if you sign up - I'll include my Inbound Marketing Secrets eCourse (it's a $97 value).

***Please note, the course does not include one-on-one instruction. I will however check the assignments. Also, proof of the Social Media Marketing World 2015 Virtual Ticket purchase is required.


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