The Apple Watch and Content Marketing

Apple ‘officially’ launched its new product, the Apple Watch.

While Apple isn’t the first to create and market a wearable computer, it is the company that is expected to take the market to a new level.

The first to create and market a ‘computer’ watch was Google with its Android Wear technology. The site explains that the ‘watch’ “organizes your information, suggests what you need, and shows it to you before you even ask. Get messages from your friends, meeting notifications, and weather updates at a glance.” (1) It can also connect to your Android phone, has navigation and so much more. It also responds to texts, instant messages, and emails by voice.

Okay, I’ve gotten off track. But, it is an amazing technology, one though that I probably wouldn’t get.

Back to the Apple Watch.

According to Nieman Labs, “It’s not unreasonable to imagine a potential 90 million Apple Watches on wrists globally by the end of 2016.” (2)

So, what does this mean for those in the content arena?

It simply means it’s another avenue for marketing, but one with possibly an even less text allowance than a tweet. And, it’s another important reason to make sure you have a responsive website.

In the article, “What’s the right kind of content for your wrist?” the author explains that for publishers this is still in the testing phase.

It’s not known what type of information content can be used, what users will feel comfortable with. They may want a very condensed summary of your news, or they may want the full article. Testing and feedback will determine which it is.

In the meantime, it’s suggested to repurpose content into more digestible formats. Once the wearable platform is more established, you revamp your content strategy if need be.

Drawbacks to this new technology

I mentioned I wouldn’t be getting this wearable technology. Below are 3 reasons why I'll pass.

1. Health

The first reason is health. New research finds that these new wearable devices aren’t good for your health.

According to CloudTweaks:

Doctors and scientists have claimed devices such as internet-connected glasses, smart watches and health monitoring gadgets all increase the body’s exposure to radio waves – adding significant amounts of harmful rays to people who are already accustomed to having phones, tablets and laptops in close proximity. (3)

Is the need to have something more readily available than your iPhone on your body, worth the risk? Even if the risk is a possibility or minimal, is it worth it?

Rather than have another type of digital device that’s in your bag or on your desk at least some part of the day, the ‘watch’ is on you constantly for a number of hours.

2. Security

Issues arise on both sides of the coin for business, in both privacy and security.

According to

Linking this [wearables] to corporate usage also might pose a risk. It may pose a privacy data risk but it also might be an entry point for an attacker to get into your organisation because you have to pair this device with your device via Bluetooth. There might be security implications. (4)

There is also the employee privacy issue. Will your company be able to monitor your every move? Even your bathroom time? Ah, the implications. says (5):

Wearable technologies enable capture and collection of amazingly detailed information about an individual’s life, including their lifestyle choices, personal health, location, movement and daily routines. Without the right privacy controls, such data could end up being used in ways never imagined or intended. And without the right security controls, data gathered by such devices could enable identity theft, stalking, fraud and other crimes.   

3. Downtime

While it’s important to be connected for work and business, where is the line drawn? Along with the physical health dangers, what about your mental health?

Is it healthy to be wired non-stop for 8 to 12 hours a day? For some it may be 10 to 16 consecutive hours.

I don’t think so. Just my opinion.



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