3 Steps to Getting More Engagement and Shares Through Social Media

Social media and other content distributors are over-flowing with information . . . with content. They’re bursting at the seams. Readers can get information from Joe’s Business, Cindy’s Business, and myriad of other businesses.

There are posts on everything you can possibly think of, including:

  • How to Make Money Online
  • Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days
  • 5 Tips on Being an Alpha Marketer
  • Top Entrepreneurs Success Secrets
  • Bringing Home a Dog
  • The NBA Playoff Guide for Insiders
  • How to Get Fit in 3 Easy Steps

There are an insane amount of articles, web copy, guides, descriptions, reviews, and so on, making it more and more difficult to:

1. Generate visibility (get noticed)
2. Get social media shares
3. Get website traffic
4. Build an audience and subscriber list
5. Sell what you’re offering

So, what can a marketer do to increase his content’s engagement, its sharing?

According to a post over at Social Media Examiner (1), it says you have to create content that is able to “ignite” sharing.

What does this mean, though?

In my opinion, it’s just another marketing spin on what’s already out there. Basically, you need to continue to do the same, only better (if possible).

Below is a list of three steps to making your content shareable.

1. You should have an understanding of what motivates people to share information.

The reasons include:

  • Wanting to be helpful to others by sharing useable information
  • Having an emotional connection with the content
  • Enjoying the content
  • Being loyal and supportive (to brands or people)
  • Wanting to build an audience and authority by providing fresh information
  • Needing fresh content ‘out there’ to remain visible

I use reasons one, three, and five all the time, focusing on number one, wanting to be helpful.

Knowing the reasons behind sharing will help you create content that others will want to share.

2. You need to create content that is ‘really’ for the reader.

The content has to have doable steps that the reader can use in her own writing, marketing, or sales efforts.

The steps have to be easily understandable and actionable. The content has to be valuable and fit into at least one of the ‘reasons’ listed above, so your audience will want to share it.

Or, it has to be highly entertaining or the ‘good’ controversial. It needs to make people think or feel (or both). It needs to make people want to share their thoughts on the content.

3. Build trust with people who are interested in what you have to say.

Building trust leads to traffic, subscribers, and conversions. It’s the individual who values you and what you offer that will lead to sales. Providing helpful and accurate information and tools is what will build that trust.

People have a tendency to share the content of those they trust, even if they haven’t actually read it.

If I’m in a rush on Twitter and see a great title by HubSpot, I’ll Favorite it for later reading, but I’ll also share it because I know it’ll be of value to those who follow me.

This is trust is action.

Using these three tips will help you create and distribute content that will get more engagement and build an audience that will trust you.

To read the Social Media Examiner article, just click the link:
Social Sharing: How to Get More People to Share Your Content


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