Twitter is Making It Easier for Users – DMs and Highlights

Have you gotten a Direct Message from another Twitter user and tried to reply back only to get message that you can’t because they don’t follow you?

I have and it’s annoying.

Or, have you wanted to privately DM a user who posted publicly because of the ‘following’ issue? Again, I have.

Well, Twitter must have ESP or users complained, because they’ve taken care of that problem.

With new Twitter updates, you can tweak your settings to receive DMs from anyone. You don’t have to follow them for it to work. Yippee!

And, you can now “reply to anyone who sends you a Direct Message, regardless of whether or not that person follows you.”

And, to make it all easy-peasy, there is a new DM Button on profile pages on iPhone and Android. 

To find out how to change your settings, go to:

Twitter Highlights

Another new feature Twitter spun into play is Highlights. It’s “a simple summary of the best Tweets for you, delivered via rich push notification.”

Highlights simplifies viewing Tweets that may be of interest to you, choosing what it thinks are the most relevant ones specific to you. It makes it quick and easy.

Twitter analyzes ‘conversations’ you engage in and those of users you follow. It even includes “topics and events that are trending in your area or within your network.” This includes popular users’ tweets within your niche.

You need to opt in to receive this feature. Once you do, you’ll get notifications twice a day sent to your Android. It seems Twitter is starting this new tool with Android users and in English only. Once they have all the kinks ironed out, they will probably bring it to other platforms.

You can read more about this feature at: 


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