Boost Your Optin Rate Today - It’s All About the Lead Magnets (Offers)

Being a marketer is a never-ending learning process. You’re always reading the heavy-hitters and doing research as to what’s working ‘now’ and what’s not.

The reason? The rules to the game are always changing.

Well, in my research I came upon an amazing article at Matthew Woodard’s site, “How I Increased Email Conversion By 469% Instantly.” It’s one of those articles that makes you say, “Ahhhh.”

The optin process has changed. I’ve noticed it and felt it, and I’m sure most of you have too.

People don’t want to sign up for anything, unless it’s something THEY CAN’T DO WITHOUT. Unless it’s something THEY ABSOLUTELY, NO DOUBT MUST HAVE.

This is how your email optin offer, your lead magnet, must make the readers or visitors feel. It’s got to be something that will motivate them to give you their precious email address.

But, you know what?

Even this isn’t enough anymore. That’s what this new strategy is all about. You have to give ‘em more. Give ‘em options!

After reading the above mentioned article, I started tweaking my optin offers. Being a solopreneur, it took a few days, but was well worth the time and effort.

Before I get to my own changes, I’ll go over some of the exciting tips Matthew offers.

How do you boost your email conversion, specifically your subscriber list?

If you’re not sure what an optin offer or lead magnet is, it’s simply what you’re offering the reader for his email address.

It can be:

  • An ebook
  • A video
  • A free consultation
  • A podcast
  • A free lesson from an e-course or workshop

It has to be something that will be of value to your audience.

Okay, on to the list of tips.

Make the offer relevant to what the visitor will be reading.

This makes soooooo much sense. You can’t offer an ebook on book marketing to someone reading an article on SEO marketing. She’s not in the right mindset for it. But, if you have an offer for “10 Must-Know Elements of SEO Marketing,” she’ll be motivated to say, “YES.”

1. The very first step is to create a list of offers that will be relevant to the different types of blog posts you create.

It’s easier than you think. It’s all about repurposing.

I’ve been doing this for years now. I’ll take my posts and combine them into ebooks, e-courses, webinars, etc. But, I hadn’t thought of creating PDFs of individual articles as lead magnets.

If you don’t know which of your articles are the most popular within the particular topics you write, do some research. Find a few of your heavy-hitters. Find the ones that have gotten lots of shares, lots of engagement, or lots of comments.

Take the top 5 to 10. Now you have your offers.

2. Tweak each article, if needed. Then turn each one into a PDF and upload them into your Media Library on your website.

3. Create optin boxes for each of your new offers. This can be done through your email marketing service provider. Services like GetResponse have easy-to-use templates.

4. Create a Subscriber Resource Page on your website. This page will list all your lead magnets – they should link to their related PDFs.

5. Next, it’s on to inputting the link to that Resource Page in your Welcome Message.

I’ll admit when I first read the beginning of Matthew’s article, my mind did a flip-flop. Did this mean you need to create a new campaign (list) for each of the new offers? Yikes.

Luckily, that’s not the case. It’s a super-simple process. As just mentioned, you simply use the campaign you already have in place and switch-out the link to the old offer with the new link to the Resource Page.


6. At this point, you’ll want to choose a “site-wide lead magnet.”

Make it something that’s relevant to the focus of your site.

For me, my site-wide lead magnet is “Marketing Your Way to Website Traffic.” It’s broad enough to cover the primary focus of my site, content marketing and inbound marketing.

You can put this lead magnet in the sidebar, in your header, or other place it will be easily and quickly visible.

7. Now, you can put it all together.

Start putting relevant opt-in forms at the end of you blog post. This is something I’ve been doing for quite a while. But, I’ll be taking it up a notch with this information.

You can also include an optin box in:

  • Your sidebar
  • Your header
  • The footer
  • In popups
  • And, so on

8. Watch your opt-in conversions increase.

It really is amazing how simple it all is. It’s something that can be done in a day, maybe two, depending on your schedule.

9. Don’t forget to test your lead magnets. See which ones are working and which ones need to be changed.

Now, on to my efforts to create this process.

1. The first thing I did was to create separate lead magnets for my different campaigns. Since only two of my campaigns would need to be updated for this, I created the two primary site-wide lead magnets for those two sites.

One campaign is on Inbound Marketing and Content Writing. The other is on Book Marketing and Writing.

2. Next, I created the other more specific offers for each of those campaigns. The offers include:

  • Content Marketing in 2015 – Top 6 Strategies
  • Email Marketing - 10 Powerful Steps to Boost Your Optin Rate Today
  • 5 Most Popular Social Media Marketing Strategies
  • Book Marketing 101 – The First Step (A Quality Product)

And, you don’t even have to create an elaborate cover. Just a report style cover is fine. Below is an example of one of my new lead-magnets.

I did this with Microsoft Word. Simple and Quick.

3. I created a new Subscriber Resource Page with ALL the links to the opt-in offers.

4. I changed my Welcome Message to reflect the new link to the Resource Page.

5. I created new opt-in forms for the different niches I want to hit. Below is an example of one.

6. Since I’m offering some new lead magnets to new subscribers and they’ll have access to ALL the offers on the Resource Page, I created a Special email for my existing subscribers letting them know about the Resource Page.

There are two reasons #6 is super-important:

1. Your subscribers deserve the new offers. You can call it a Special or Bonus for being subscribers.

2. If you don’t provide the link to the Resource Page, existing subscribers may opt-in multiple times for the different offers.

Okay, that’s about it. Get started today to create a more powerful email marketing strategy with these tips!

I highly recommend you read Matthew Woodward’s article:
Increase Your Site’s Email Optin Rate by 489%




Why the two opt-ins?

I have two focused campaigns. Each campaign gets specific information on that niche. If you want information in both niches, fill out both boxes!


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